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A new business to regulate | Personal trainers | Coaches Corner

By Mark B. / June 14, 2018

Incrementalism Just like Fitness, Wellness, and Weight Control, it takes time and patience to move the scale.
Politicians call this prgress, but Personal Trainers call it Results, and as George Bush says, ” you can call it a banana”, it all boils down to Bureaucratic Red-tape, and being Regulated out of Business.

Washington Post Writes
For consumers in DC, and eventually Massachusetts and other states where this type of registration or licensure is under debate, you could cause some gyms close while owners and trainers obtain suitable certifications. At this point for Trainers in DC it is a foregone regulation, but if you are not affected by this Law today, you have to ask yourself, is this my fight, will it impact my bottom line or eliminate it all together?

These Articles are for Health, and Fitness Coaches, they are from a more realistic and practical point of view, I call it common sense.
There are millions of sites that you could find to accumulate this information if you choose too, but I would hope you spend your time helping your Clients.
I have fought the Law many times in Life, and unlike the song, I won, how? By understanding the letter of the law, as well as it’s intent. If you are doing your coaching correctly and have an understanding of what you cannot do, or say, and why, then you are not malicious in intent.

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