Antibiotic Resistant

Antibiotic Resistant Superbug Scourge

"Fifteen years after the U.S. declared Antibiotic Resistant infections , to be a grave threat, the crisis is only worsening, a Reuters investigation finds, as government agencies remain unwilling or unable to impose reporting requirements on a health care industry that often hides the problem."

RICHMOND, Va. – Josiah Cooper-Pope, born 15 weeks premature, did fine in the neonatal intensive care unit for the first 10 days of his life.  

Then, suddenly, his tiny body started to swell.   Overnight, he grew so distended that his skin split.

His mother, Shala Bowser, said nurses at Chippenham Hospital in Richmond, Virginia, told her that Josiah had an infection and that she should prepare for the worst. On Sept. 2, 2010, she was allowed to hold him for the first and last time as he took his final breath. He was 17 days old.

What no one at the hospital told Bowser was that her newborn was the fourth baby in the neonatal unit to catch the same infection, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, better-known as MRSA.

The shock of her son’s death came back to her when, after being contacted by Reuters earlier this year about the outbreak, Bowser went to Virginia’s Division of Vital Records to get a copy of Josiah’s death certificate. The cause of death: “Sepsis due to (or as a consequence of): Prematurity.” Sepsis is a complication of infection, but there was no mention of MRSA.

Antibiotic Resistant Superbug Scourge

We are all susceptible to the Antibiotic Resistant Superbug Scourge, and all their variations, the stories in the linked article are heartbreaking in that Newborns have little or no immune systems.  What is even sadder is that the Medical Establishment seems to be in the dark, or even worse, refuses to come into the light.

My question has always been the same, is this a huge blunder of the Blind, leading the Blind, or just the Cause and Effect of an enormous Bureaucracy that creates so many Rules and Regulations, that it becomes impossible for anyone to phation?

Big Brother.

As a Nation, we spend Billions of dollars on Science & Research, yet fail to use this Newly Acquired  Information gathered to help us improve our daily lives.  This is mainly due to the fact that there is a 10-15 year gap between Research and our Doctors.  The gap may be a normally occurring process, but then it take years longer the reach us, and we are the ones that have paid for the Research, remember that the Government has no money but what we give them.

But even this Gap from Science to Doctors and then to the Media, and finally You and I, does not explain why there is information that has been known for over fifty years, and is still being kept from us, the Taxpayers, the Patient.​

​The numbers of uncounted deaths from Antibiotic Resistant infections “speak to what can happen when we don’t allocate the necessary resources to bolster … our public health safety network,” said Senator Sherrod Brown. “When we see discrepancies in reporting, are unable to finance a workforce to monitor infections, and can’t even soundly estimate the number of Americans that die from [antibiotic-resistant infections] each year, we know we have a problem.”

The Ohio Democrat recently introduced a bill that would require the CDC to collect "more and better data" on superbug infections and death rates.

But political Double Speak, and words like ​More and Better data will do little to stop the abuse of Medications being Prescribed, those words would not even hold up in a Court of Law.  Ref. Video 1

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The Hippocratic Oath

And even worse, why are our Doctors not following their Hippocratic Oaths?​  "To Do No Harm", does not mean to administer every Pill and Drug that comes along, we would rightly think that their Oath means to find out whether or not these Drugs have any adverse side Effects.

We cannot put the blame solely, and squarely, on the Backs of Doctor's though, they are quite busy and trying to provide for everyone, from their Patients to their Families.

But the problem with running to the Pharmacy, and Big Pharma  has created even worse problems than this.​  Take, for example,  Autism and its near epidemic trajectory these days. Recent Findings are suggesting that it is more shock to that Baby's system from all the vaccines at one time, than any One Vaccine itself.

Doctor Greg Ellis has had better than average Success in his Practice working on helping the Autistic Patient come out of their Survival, or Lizard Brain as he calls it, with Homeopathic Treatments. He is one of few that believe we over medicate our babies, this practice prevents the body from removing toxins through the Ear, Nose, and Mouth normally. This practice of Prescribing Antibiotics does more harm than good to a young and developing Immune System   Ref. Video 2

Disease Mongering, and Big Pharma.

​Healthcare watchdogs are now blowing the whistle on the major pharmaceutical companies who are engaged in Disease Mongering, and they have identified several “illnesses” as current examples of disease mongering. They are not saying these conditions don’t exist, they are indeed problematic for some people, but their incidence and relevance is wildly exaggerated in the pursuit of corporate profits.

Disease mongering got rolling in 1879 with the invention of Listerine, the first antiseptic for surgical procedures. Soon the Inventor was selling it in concentrate form as a floor cleaner.  In 1895 they began to market it to dentists for oral care, and in 1914 it became the first over-the-counter mouthwash marketed in the United States.  By the 1920s, the Lambert Pharmacal Company, Listerine’s maker, was confident they had found a cure; now all they needed was a disease. So they made one up: “halitosis", halitosis was an obscure medical term that almost no one had heard of.

As you see, Halitosis was real, but not a major concern, and today, the game is still being played.  Just watch the TV and you can see it everywhere, erectile dysfunction, female sexual dysfunction, bipolar disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), restless legs syndrome, osteoporosis, social shyness (also called social anxiety disorder and social phobia), irritable bowel syndrome and balding.

This is Big Pharma, and they are raking it in, and how do you get these Miracle Cures to imaginary Illnesses?  Your Doctor.  We have all heard the disclaimers and have seen the pamphlets, so we should know better, but when your Trusted Doctor says it may work for you, you "Try It".

So Where Do We Turn?

The problem sighted in the Antibiotic Resistant Superbug Scourge article is all "Man Caused", our diets are crap, making us Insulin-Dependent, due to a daily High-Carb intake, and now we have become Antibiotic Resistant as well.  The people we intrusted with our Tax Dollars, Our Safety, and Our Health, have dropped the ball.

We know that Large Governments cannot manage all things and rarely care to do so anyway, no matter how much money we handover.  Every  Country's Healthcare System is large and full of complexities, on a good day it will have multiple problems, but will the day you go into the Hospital be even a good Day?  Or will you become one of those problems?  The odds are not in your favor.


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Your Doctor sees countless Patients every week and you are just one, he trusts that you have read the pamphlet, and understand the risks.  If he or she neglects to offer you some New and Approved Treatment, they may be sued, so, here here you go! Try This. ​

Big Pharma is not in business to cure Diseases, they have said that they only "Manage" Sickness.​  The saddest part in that equation is that much of the Science they use, was paid for in Grants by us, the Taxpayer, years ago.

Whats the Answer?

The Solution must lie with us, you and I, we have no other option.  This is not to say that we all must become Doctors, but we have to become aware of the dangers of not paying attention.

Becoming Antibiotic Resistant is due to Doctors being Pill-Pushers and not Physicians, and because most parents have a mental breakdown when little Johnny or Jamie get a slight fever, or ear infection.  And is a slight ear infection as bad as they say, or more Disease Mongering?  

We no longer allow our bodies to Heal naturally and insist that the Doctor Prescribe something, anything. It is awful that we have become so dependent on Over The Counter, and Prescribed Medications that we refuse to let nature and our own biochemistry fix the problem.

As the Human Species, we truly have what other creatures do not possess, we have the ability to reason, to Think.  Look at the field mouse, it smells something eatable in the poison that we place in it's path.  Because there is no flight or fear triggers in that smell, it eats it, and dies. ​

The mouse has no ability to understand the Peer reviewed literature, it does not know that other mice have died eating that yummy smelling stuff, it only perceives danger in noise, shadows and vibrations.  What is our excuse?

cute mouse

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When talking to your Doctor, remember He or She is a Professional and like a Judge or Lawyer they speaks in a different language.  Be informed, ask questions that address your concerns, in this way he will understand that you have done your Homework, and he is not talking to another Pill Popper.

We most also stop asking our Government for every solution, to every problem, in our lives. This approach only gives them an excuse to try to fix everything, and that means more money for them and their friends.  We, unlike the Field Mouse, have learned from experience, that Higher Taxes does not Fix a Problem, and only causes more Micro Problems.

​If you take the time to read this  Article, you will see that Government, Pharmacal Companies, Doctors, and Hospitals, either Do not care, or have been so regulated that they can No longer Care.

Reference Video 1
Reference Video 2

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