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Cancer vs KETO | New Research Shows that Cancer Cells need Glucose (Carbs)
play Cancer vs KETODr. Berg interviews Professor Seyfried on starving cancer. He talks about the difference between normal cells and[...]
Will Exercising and Endless Days at The Gym Help Me Lose Weight? | Surprise!
Exercising is not the same as Dieting Recently I read this question on a Forum, "This may sound weird, but[...]
Carbs Kill, More Conclusive Evidence
Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Reversing Type 2 Diabetes "Let food be thy Medicine, and medicine be thy food". Can a[...]
The Statistics That Matter, Are Being Ignored!
What Statistics, And Why Do I Care?Let's Face it, if you took Statistics in College, you learned that they can[...]
What Is Weight Control and How Do We Obtain it
I'm not a Control Freak! but What Is Weight Control, and How Do We Obtain it? People ask me, and others,[...]
10 Horrifying Ingredients In Our Fast-Foods
Horrifying Ingredients... In My Food?Top 10 Horrifying Ingredients, from a blog post by Natural Medicine Team, Titled "10 HORRIFYING INGREDIENTS[...]
Low-Carb High-Fat Diets and The Net-Carb Myth
Net-Carb and the Glycemic Index Are RubbishOMG, OMG Net-Carb is rubbish, you just crushed my LCHF Weight Loss Dreams, I[...]
Doctors Like Pirates Lay And Wait, Why Most Doctors Are Pirates
Doctors, Like Pirates Lay And WaitDoctors Like Pirates Lay And Wait all because in 1979, Stott and Davis presented an[...]
Carb Based Diets, What your Doctor will never tell you.
Carb Based Diets, What your Doctor will never tell you.Carb Based Diets are Deadly, but we can't blame Doctors altogether,[...]
4 Carbohydrates to Avoid
Carbohydrates to Avoid!!!The American diet is so high in carbohydrates that it makes up on the low end, 50% and[...]
I Have A Theory, Vitamins.
I Have A Theory, Vitamins.Vitamins, Fat, and Cellulose, cellulose is an insoluble substance that is the main constituent of plant[...]
Weight Neutrality
According to National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey Weight Neutrality data on obesity in adults more than doubled over half[...]
Maximize Your Nutritional Study Habits
Maximize Your Nutritional Study HabitsTo Maximize Your Nutritional Study Habits, the first step is to determine your desired results.  So[...]
Antibiotic Resistant Superbug scourge spreads
Antibiotic Resistant Superbug Scourge ​ "Fifteen years after the U.S. declared Antibiotic Resistant infections , to be a grave threat, the[...]
Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs and the myth of the Glycemic Index
Good Carbs vs. Bad CarbsWe all should know by now, that basal (Morning, Fasted) insulin levels typically range between 8-10[...]

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