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Cancer vs KETO | New Research Shows that Cancer Cells need Glucose (Carbs)

By Mark B. / July 20, 2018

Dr. Berg interviews Professor Seyfried on starving cancer. He talks about the difference between normal cells and cancer cells.

He also discusses the origin of cancer, which is essential to understanding the disease. Many current therapies are targeting the mutated genetic stage of cancer, which is late on the chain. By understanding the nature of cancer, exciting new strategies can be created to starve cancer. Cancer lives on glucose and glutamine. The ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting and DON (chemical that can block glutamine) has shown promising results.


Carbs Kill, More Conclusive Evidence

By Mark B. / June 13, 2018

Reversing Type 2 DiabetesReversing Type 2 Diabetes “Let food be thy Medicine, and medicine be thy food”.  Can a person be “cured” of Type 2 Diabetes? Dr. Sarah Hallberg provides compelling evidence that it can, and the solution is simpler than you might think. Dr. Sarah Hallberg is the Medical Director of the Medically Supervised...

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The Statistics That Matter, Are Being Ignored!

By Mark B. / August 24, 2017

With so many choices these days, and tons of data to back any goofy-ass diet, we can pick and choose from any, and all foods, natural or not. There will always be some statistic to prove you are right, and on track, but are you?


10 Horrifying Ingredients In Our Fast-Foods

By Mark B. / August 7, 2017

Horrifying Ingredients… In My Food?Top 10 Horrifying Ingredients, from a blog post by Natural Medicine Team, Titled “10 HORRIFYING INGREDIENTS THAT PROVE MCDONALD’S IS NOT FIT FOR CONSUMPTION”.The purpose of my Re-Posting this is to point out that even if you have never stepped foot into a Mickey-D’s​, you are still at risk.  This is […]


Doctors Like Pirates Lay And Wait, Why Most Doctors Are Pirates

By Mark B. / July 17, 2017

Doctors, Like Pirates Lay And WaitDoctors Like Pirates Lay And Wait all because in 1979, Stott and Davis presented an influential model that elicited four potentials of the encounter between patient and doctor: Management of presenting problemsModification of help seeking behaviourManagement of continuing problemsOpportunistic health promotionSince then, opportunistic preventive initiatives have become considered to be […]


Carb Based Diets, What your Doctor will never tell you.

By Mark B. / June 25, 2017

Carb Based Diets, What your Doctor will never tell you.Carb Based Diets are Deadly, but we can’t blame Doctors altogether, what they know about Nutrition would fit in a neat 3-4 page pamphlet.  So who is to Blame?  Everyone, You, Me, the Medical Establishment, The Media, Big Government, Big Pharma, Big Agra, and even Big […]


Weight Neutrality

By Mark B. / May 29, 2017

According to National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey Weight Neutrality data on obesity in adults more than doubled over half a century, from 13.4 percent in 1962 to 38.2 percent in 2014, and the National Bureau of Economic Research reports the estimated annual health care costs of obesity-related illness to be nearly 21 percent of annual medical […]


Maximize Your Nutritional Study Habits

By Mark B. / May 22, 2017

Maximize Your Nutritional Study HabitsTo Maximize Your Nutritional Study Habits, the first step is to determine your desired results.  So let me start by saying that no matter what it is in life that you want to do, or learn, there is a Right Way, and a Wrong Way.  If you will be building something […]


Antibiotic Resistant Superbug scourge spreads

By Mark B. / May 19, 2017

Antibiotic Resistant Superbug Scourge ​ “Fifteen years after the U.S. declared Antibiotic Resistant infections , to be a grave threat, the crisis is only worsening, a Reuters investigation finds, as government agencies remain unwilling or unable to impose reporting requirements on a health care industry that often hides the problem.”RICHMOND, Va. – Josiah Cooper-Pope, born 15 […]


10 Health and Nutrition Tips That are Skewed

By Mark B. / May 1, 2017

10 Health and Nutrition Tips That are Skewed!10 Health and Nutrition Tips That are Skewed.  There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to health and nutrition, here is why, and how that comes about.People like you and I, even the “Qualified Experts”, often seem to have the exact opposite views on what is Good […]