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Will Exercising and Endless Days at The Gym Help Me Lose Weight? | Surprise!

By Mark B. / June 21, 2018

Recently I read this question on a Forum, "This may sound weird, but I lose zero weight when I exercise, but I can lose almost a pound a day when I don’t. I used my elliptical for half an hour and ate my usual 1,250 calories. The scale didn’t budge. I tried adjusting my calories and watching my sodium, with no luck. I stopped exercising and just watched what I ate. When I do that, I lose a lot of weight."
Why is this?

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What Is Weight Control and How Do We Obtain it

By Mark B. / August 11, 2017

I’m not a Control Freak! but What Is Weight Control, and How Do We Obtain it?People ask me, and others, what is weight control and how do we obtain it? so much so that I thought I would write an Article about this very question.  Bodyweight control follows Newtonian Laws of Thermodynamics which were formulated several hundred years […]


Low-Carb High-Fat Diets and The Net-Carb Myth

By Mark B. / August 1, 2017

Net-Carb and the Glycemic Index Are RubbishOMG, OMG Net-Carb is rubbish, you just crushed my LCHF Weight Loss Dreams, I Hate You!!!So Sorry, but maybe after you finish this article you may have a change of heart, and even thank me, but I won’t hold my breath.  First let me say that in my opinion […]


4 Carbohydrates to Avoid

By Mark B. / June 12, 2017

Carbohydrates to Avoid!!!The American diet is so high in carbohydrates that it makes up on the low end, 50% and on the high end 85% of our caloric intake per day.  In English, that means 50-85% of our “nutrition” per day, comes from sugar.


Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs and the myth of the Glycemic Index

By Mark B. / April 28, 2017

Good Carbs vs. Bad CarbsWe all should know by now, that basal (Morning, Fasted) insulin levels typically range between 8-10 μU/mL (microunits per milliliter of blood).  We also know that the release of fat from the fat cell is slowed by 50% by the time insulin reaches 18 μU/mL.The burning of fat from the blood […]