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Canada Is Trying to Make Everyone Sicker, Nutritional Trends 08/05/17

By Mark B. / August 5, 2017

Nutritional Trends for today we go off on Canada for wanting to impose a Plant Based Diet on Everyone. Nutritional Trends asks WTF is Canada thinking?  This diet will only serve to make everyone sicker, raising to medical cost and taxes.We get in trouble for helping our friends out by offering advice, yet these elected […]


Keeping the Weight Off – Trends Aug 05 2017

By Mark B. / July 27, 2017

Is there a trick to Keeping the weight off, and how much effort does it take?What if you could control your weight, Keeping the weight off, once and for all, with no more effort or extra training than you already have?And what if you could learn this Diet Hack that would change your entire life […]