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Paleo | Gatherers, in the Produce Isle?

By Mark B. / September 30, 2017

The Paleolithic Gatherers were not Gardeners, they gathered food, like birds eggs, wild berries, and nuts, when in season only, most of what we eat today did not exist 30,000 years ago.


Going Paleo HHFD003

By Mark B. / September 20, 2017

Going Paleo as a Diet is Great, too bad it has picked up some bad passengers along the way, AMA and FDA hitch hikers, lean meat, oil from plants, really?


Paleo and Dairy What Gives?

By Mark B. / July 30, 2017

Paleo and Dairy Milk Is Just Another High Fat Food Source!Paleo and Dairy What Gives?  I’ll tell you what gives, Because I have a Theory.Why is it that Paleo and Dairy can’t be friends?  Mostly because it has been linked to digestive and inflammatory problems like IBS Joint Pain and even Sinus issues, and lets not […]