Why Go Paleo in the Modern World

By Mark B. / September 20, 2017

Going Paleo in the The 21st century

Going Paleo as a Diet is Great, too bad the diet has picked up some bad passengers along the way, AMA and FDA hitch hikers, like lean meat, oil from plants, really?  I guess even the Caveman thought that carbs were OK in moderation and fat was bad.

Yes, picking up Hitch-Hikers is still a bad idea for both the driver and the hiker alike, you may end up with someone in your vehicle that is totally crazy or riding with a driver that just talks to much.  So what happens if they say they will pay for the gas, then come running out of the store yelling DRIVE, DRIVE, JUST GO,!!! you get it, vetting is a good idea regarding those we associate with.

So why has the Paleo community picked up these crazy notions such as "Lean Meats" and eat lots of Vegetables and Nuts, or my favorite bad idea, Don't drink milk, but if you do, drink Almond Milk?  How did our Paleo brothers and sisters learn how to milk an almond, maybe back in the paleolithic times almonds had utters, or process the the oil from olives, a seasonal croup that would never be used as an oil 10,000 to 20,000 years ago, beats me?

In this Edition of Hello High Fat Diet Podcast.  We look at the reality of these far stretching ideas, and how they found themselves in the 21st century shell we.

Well, nothing left to do but go down the Paleo rabbit hole and take a look around shall we?

Taking a look back in time to the Real Paleolithic diet, and why 21st Paleo may not be Paleolithic.

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